How to use a csv list to duplicate & rename an image?

I am an AppleScript newbie. I have a csv list that contains a series of image names (1AMS2612.jpg, 1AMS2645.jpg, 1AMS7374.jpg, 1AMS7375.jpg, etc) and a single ‘placeholder’ graphic. I need to use the csv list (well contents of the file…this can be made into another format) to make a copy of the image for each entry in the list, and rename that file to the name of the entry.

Here’s what I’m thinking about:

  1. Get the first entry from the list (e.g. 1AMS2612.jpg).
  2. Make a copy of the image file
  3. Rename image file to match the entry’s name (e.g. 1AMS2612.jpg)
  4. Get second entry, and repeat the process

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Browser: Safari 525.18
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)

Update: I was able to find a script that worked.