How to use extra suites progress bar

How can I incorporate the extra suites progress bar into a script that burns backup files to a disk? The command I’m using is ‘hdiutil -burn’?

I thought I would make my request a little clearer. I would like to keep track of a burn using the progress indicator from Extra Suites. I am using hdiutil -burn in a applescript. Any help would be appreciated.

Hello denns,

It’s rather late for me at night, so I’m going to give you a quick piece of advice and then hopefully tommorrow/much later today, answer your question more fully/comprehensively: e-mail David Lloyd at, the creator of Extra Suites and ask him for advice. He states in the Ex Suites read-me that he will respond to all queries from registered owners of his product.

Please let me know how you are faring, and I’ll get back to you after a good night’s sleep.


Variable as the shade

Hello again denns,

I should have asked you in the first place whether you are a registered Extra Suites user.

I’ve just been given food for thought after having re-read the Extra Suites Documentation. It states:

" *** IMPORTANT ***

If you are distributing scripts for others for use with Extra Suites you must agree to distribute them as RUN-ONLY scripts or RUN-ONLY script applications.

If you distribute editable scripts containing your registration details, end users will learn it, and you may find future versions of Extra Suites won’t work with your registration."

So, what I take that to mean is that I have agreed not to make public scripts for Extra Suites unless they are run-only: no code may be circulated publicly. If, of course, you can certify to me that you are in fact a registered user (PM me) I’d be glad to share code, otherwise, I could still PM you a run-only script for Extra Suites which should work ( I should state upfront that I am running Jaguar, whereas you are running the Panther OS, and so my script may need a little tweaking to run or your machine).


Variable as the shade

As far as I know, you can find and example in the “Script Examples/Interface Commands” folder of ES’s distribution…

Run-only stuff is thought only to distribute scripts which use the “ES enable runtime registeredUserName with registrationCode” command, which will run ES’s commands without shareware notice. But sample code is extensivelly available to any user which uses Extra Suites, with or without registration…