How to....??????

Ok. Here is the situation. I have 3 Macs… 1 PowerMacG5, 1 Powerbook and 1 spare PowerMacG4.

Decide to use the spare G4 as a music server on my home network.(Big HD in it). Also run Camera Software (EvoCam) and some Home Automation stuff. This is all fed to a Plasma TV on the second story of my House.

I want to run a program(Automator?) or Applescript.? that will cycle through 4 or 5 programs every 20-30 seconds.

For example. Launch EvoCam then after 20-30 seconds quit, then immediately launch Dashboard then after 20-30 seconds quit, then launch Safari then after 20-…you get the idea. Then start back at EvoCam again after the cycle of programs is completed. I won’t be watching this all the time (due to burn in effect of menubar and other features of desktop screen). But during a commercial for example, I can switch the Plasma display to the feed from the G4 and get Dashboard info,View camera,get stock info etc etc.

Is there an applescript that will allow me to do this.?

Any ideas are welcome.
Thanks in advance.


You could have an always open script with an idle handler load and run the scripts. I think that there is also a script schedueler to launch a series of scripts. There are probably other ways as well, A lot depends of the programs that you want to control, how extensive their dictionary is, and what you want them to do.

Same as above post, but you could leave the desired applications running, but cycle them by making them the frontmost window, waiting desire time, then frontmost the next app. Just create a loop of this and you are set. For the dashboard, you can send a system event keystoke equal to your dashboard key setting. Have it wait desired time and then keystroke same key to hide. Just a thought. Or could have only the windows you want open and send an command-tab to cycle them.