how we can use double click through applescripts

How can i double click on an item through applescripts. I am new for applescripts so can anyone give me the answer with examples.
Actually when i will double click on that item manually it will open and i want to automate that scenarios.


if your item is an icon of a Finder window or Desktop
open Script Editor and open the Library Pane (Shift-Command-L).
From that pane open the Finder dictionary and browse it to find the commands you will need and how to use them.
Once you’ve read the guides Apple provides and have looked at example codes you will be back with specific questions regarding your code.

if your item is an UI element such as buttons, menus or windows then
take a look at scripts that have been written to do UI magic with System Events
I’m short with System Events but I’m quite sure that there is no specific ‘double click’ just a click method you would repeatedly invoke

I’m assuming you are in first situation, here’s something to look at

-- just one file
-- as we don't know which file you want to open
choose file without multiple selections allowed
set theFile to result
-- tell the Finder to open the chosen file 
tell application "Finder" to open theFile

-- output the file to result's pane of ScriptEditor:

-- zero, one or more files

choose file with multiple selections allowed -- this method is described in StandardAdditions

copy result to theChosenFiles -- hold on to the list

tell application "Finder"
	repeat with thisFile in theChosenFiles
		open thisFile -- open the file with it's default application 
	end repeat
end tell

Actually it is a clickable row in a application “McAfee Security”. when i will double clicked on that row then a sheet will open with description of that row item and i am failed to open that sheet with script. I think you understand my problem there is no short key working on that row only we can open it by double click through mouse.


sounds like you will need to dive into UI Scripting. Search for UI element inspector (or similar) to find a tool that helps you navigate thru the elements and find the one you need.
Good Luck :slight_smile:


You may download Extra Suite from

It’s an old beast.
I don’t know if it will work on your system but if it does, it offers a double click function.

Yvan KOENIG (from FRANCE lundi 1 juin 2009 10:16:12)