Howto combine multiple images to a big one

I would like to combine multiple images from a RSS feed to a big background picture.

Parsing to RSS and setting an image as background is no problem. But I have no idea how to combine the images. Anybody who has already done something similar?

Thanks in advance

Hi angrest,

If you want to stick to a pure AppleScript solution, then I recommend you to take a look at iMagine Photo, an excellent and free utility, which also allows to combine several images into a new one. Just download the application and study the well written documentation, that includes a lot of good code examples.

An alternative is to write a custom Python script utilizing Cocoa’s NSImage class like I did when creating AppCam and SafariCam. The advantage of this approach is the sheer speed of the image processing.

But either way is pure fun :smiley:

thanks a lot - that does exactly what I need. I chose the python solution as it does not need any other installation work on the target machine.

But: how do I find the python script? XCode will package it into the Resources folder inside the app-Bundle. But that is not in the current path of the running application nor in it’s current directory…

ok - found the solution:

path to resource ""