howto: make a dialog that accepts simple keystrokes (q/w/1/2) as input

Is it possible to make a dialog that will accept simple keystrokes like Q or 1 as input? I want to make a script launched by a single key combo with several options for what action I want to take with the file depending on what key I press. I suppose it’s possible to have a textbox and do the same thing by making the script read the input from that textbox, but that’s not optimal.

I guess this was just answered.

"Mark FX wrote:
Is there anyway of detecting keyboard activity with traditional Applescript ?

Vanilla AppleScript cannot respond to keyboard or mouse events.

AppleScriptObjC can"

Thanks, Stefan and Mark

“AppleScriptObjC can”

How hard is it to get into AppleScriptObjC? What keywords should i search for if that I want is popup dialogs that respond to keystrokes and function as a second layer between keyboardmaestro hotkeys and applescripts?