html parsing: mysterious non-space space

This is a more general question than applescript but i’ve no idea where to post it. (Suggestions welcome.)

I’m trying to figure out why browsers render (correctly) a space between the phrase “previously hinted at” and “David Byrne” in this HTML:

My applescript routine (which strips tags among other things) winds up with “hinted atDavid” – while Safari and Firefox show it as “hinted at David”.

I thought maybe

<strong> or </a>

generate an extra space, but then why isn’t all text filled with tons of white space / double spaces?

the original RSS XML is here (but of course it won’t be valid after today):



I think there must be more to the html than you’ve posted, and that _blank has something to do with it. When I use the code you’ve provided in an html file, Firefox doesn’t render it with a space.

you’re right! thanks for checking. that’s very interesting. i wrapped that portion in html/body tag and also in rss/channel/item/description tags … and you’re right that both firefox and safari do not put a space in there.


unforutnately there seems to be no way to test this anymore since the original rss xml page is now out dated. I have a link to the actual story:

but upon examining that html I found there space was there between /strong/ tags.

again thanks for checking, if it crops up again i will post again in this thread (and save the source page this time).