HTTP POST using safari (not curl)

Hi everybody

I would like to be able to call an url using http POST method within safari (or any other browser). It is a dictionary and I want to post it the word I need to translate.
The reason I can’t use curl is that you need to register to the website first in order to get it work (guess it sets some cookies), and if I use curl I get nothing as the website dose not see me as registered.

for the record, the site I am trying to get words from is


curl i lets you use cookies and you can also spoof the user agent.

-b/–cookie <name=string/file> Cookie string or file to read cookies from (H)

oh yes, it does seem to work…

incidentally, do you knowhow to redirect the output to safari?

I can do it via applescript (save output to a file, and then open it with safari), I’d like to know if there is straighter way…

Thanks for the tip!