HUD causing errors


I am trying to create a HUD that just displays some help text when a button is clicked. That part is working fine and the code looks like this:

if the name of theObject is “Help_Button” then
show window “Migrate_Help”
end if

I’d like it to remain open if a user wants it to, while a user navigates through the program.

The problem is that if user clicks any navigation controls which change tabs in a tab view, while the HUD is open, they get an error on the button they click. If I make the HUD a regular window it works fine.

I have also tried using the code:
show panel window “Migrate_Help”

This hasn’t worked. I’m guessing I am just using some wrong syntax or setting the HUD up wrong, but I just can’t put my finger on it. Any ideas would be awesome!

Thanks much!

I’m sorry man, but this code works just fine here, even with a tab view. :frowning:

show window "HUD"