Humility Updated to 1.04

In case anyone missed it, Humility has been updated to version 1.04. The download should be available shortly. It displays the uptime in your Dock and keeps track of your record uptime. This version fixes yet another parser bug and adds a super cool Easter Egg!

NOTE: this message has been edited from it’s original state, to better reflect my intentions.

I saw your app, d/l’d it, and ran it. It worked well and is a nice little utility. If I might make a suggestion, add a menu item for restarting right from your dock menu, since your app deals exclusively with time since last restart.

Without intentions of creating tension or conflict, I’d like to voice my opinion that I don’t feel this thread is really very appropriate. Your app offers very little in terms of assistance to applescript developers. Perhaps admin’s here at macscripter could launch an ASStudio sub-forum that could be used by developers to ask peers to test and comment on their current ASS projects, or to distribute information about apps that have been significant topic’s of conversation in this forum. Any thoughts, admins? I personally would be happy to be an active participant in this.

I appreciate your enthusiasm Donkey, and should probably just look past this and shrug… but I can’t. If we all started posting notices of our latest projects, this forum would be a mess.


That was rather harsh… I was not writing an advertisement for the app, but rather just alerting people that a new version was out in case some of you already use it. I felt it was rather important to let people know about the new version because previous versions had some severe bugs in them, and I had already mentioned the program here. 90% of the code is already available here, and I can make more code available if someone needs it. Moderators have led me to believe that this site is connected in some way to ScriptBuilders, and that’s why I felt it was appropriate to post the update here.

If you are a moderator, then go ahead and just delete this thread. Otherwise, it is not really your business. Either way, you should have contacted me privately instead of insulting me in front of everyone.

If you want me to take your feature requests seriously, try writing to me in a more respectful manner.[/i]

Hey Donkey Hoatie, guys …

I don’t think jobu was being too overly critical, as I can see where he’s comng from. He was speaking for the original intent and spirit of the BBS. At the same time, I understand why you posted, and had no problems with that. No use in getting upset … please don’t take his query in the wrong light, as I don’t think he intended to come off as haughty.

Just so you know …

Yes, we do offer a private beta testing forum for members. Historically, it has been by invitation only. However if you are interested, please let me know and we’ll get you set up. This is offered to everyone here who are responsible, and understand that some of the beta testing is for scripts destined for the shareware market. Your confidentiality is assumed.

I will however [unfortunately] have to leave town for this week - my wife’s Dad is very ill, or we are swapping places helping her mom. I should be back by the end of the week, and will be able to help you then. Otherwise, feel free to contact Dennis, he should be able to help you too.

As far as ScriptBuilders and this Forum are concerned - yes, absolutely they are connected, but only in what each section serves. Generally, the BBS is for getting questions answered fast, which is my hope has done. If there is something you think we need to do to improve this forum (or macscripter for that matter), please send us your comment/suggestions and they will be carefully considered. Your suggstions will not go un-noticed. ScriptBuilders, on the other hand, is where we host all kinds of scripts, whether they be for free, or shareware.

In regard to posting to ScriptBuilders, we encourage, and welcome ALL script authors to upload their stuff - that is how the scripting community grows. It works great for shareware authors too. Each time you upload, or update your script to SB, I run your offering on the news cover - which is broadcasted to a lot of other Mac News websites all over the net. This ensures your script offering gets great coverage. While I don’t have a problem with folks postng their apps on the bbs, it is often times better served to have them posted to the news.

I hope this clears up any misperceptions or irriation. No use in getting angry, the applescript community is a small one compared to other languages - we all need to get along and collaborate with each other in a positive way. :smiley:

I hope I was able to articulate this properly - it is late, I’m tired and need to crash - but after reading this thread I felt I needed to intercede in some way, even if from a ‘outsiders’ perspective. Hope that makes sense. :lol: