i couldnt find any c fourms so im posting this here

how do you link c scripts to an interface in a Cocoa app?

I think what he’s asking is if there is an easy way to connect C to AppleScript and the nib file. Also if you can get the output from C into AppleScript you can use AppleScript for the nibbing. Oh, and I’d check out the “Multi-Language” example, because it seems like that’s what you need to do.

Edit: Also, an amazing title. Try using a title that actually relates to what you’re posting. For example: “Connecting C to a Nib File”

Actually, I think that Multi-Language Example Shows exactly what you need, at least for returning text. Take a look NOW!

If you mean what I think you do… That you want to code Cocoa with C… Then you may want to check out Objective C. It’s possible to to write most of your code to look like C with a very thin layer of Objective C to connect everything (also objective-c is a proper super set of C so you can just add a little bit of Objc at a time to your C code). If the idea of Obj-c makes you not happy but you want to do aqua-style native looking interfaces on OS X only using C, there is… cough Carbon (ick)… the reason for my disgust will make itself apparent as you learn it. It is an order or two lower level than cocoa, and relies on four character codes as message passing mechanism. I highly reccomend learning applescript (studio) and then (if you have to) obj-c for coding on the mac. As a C coder don’t be afraid of obj-c, it’s fairly simple in its semantics… and I reccomend applescript as being the highest level programming tool available to you on the mac (IMHO).