I messed up with automator. all my jpg files are in one folder

i dont have time machine active where i can return all my 3000 jpg files back to the folders that they were in.
I told automator to search for jpg files on my desktop. i did not think to take off the icon short cut to my hard drive.
it found all 3000 files and moved them to one folder named jpgnew. now it contains 3000 jpg photos that were all neatly organized by family members or sports etc, i was just trying to move all the jpg that i had on my desktop that i had captured which was around 12 files.

can anyone make an automator file to bring up each photo in the file to view and then i can press f1 to f10 key to put the photo in one of 10 different folders. windows had a program that did this years ago…
thanks sam

Model: macbook 2.4 mhz
Browser: Firefox 5.0.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

Time to join the 20th century…forget about the folder thing altogether. Use iPhoto and assign metadata keywords. Or Lightroom, or Aperture, but these are more costly.

You can do a bit of this in Automator yourself…if you must.
Use the “Ask for Photos” action and then use the “Move Finder Items” and set it to one of the folders you want to store those pictures in. Select the photos one folder at a time – you will need to change the destination folder when you go through all the photos. It seems like the Ask for Photos action relies on photos in iPhoto, so if you already have them there, I’d just assign keywords and make your life easier and forget about Automator.

Automator won’t let you use function keys in the way you want and you can’t set up a window with 10 buttons like you’d need using Automator. ApplescriptObjC might be able to do what you want, but that is not trivial.

Good luck.