I need a script to change the admin password

I need a script to change the admin password
I run a network with 200+ 10.2 macs and it is a pain when I want to change the admin user password on all of the computers

applescript or shell script I don’t care

thanks for any help


There are CLI tools for NetInfo Manager:

--> apropos NetInfo
netinfo(3)               - library routines for NetInfo calls
netinfo(5)               - network administrative information
netinfod(8)              - NetInfo daemon
nibindd(8)               - NetInfo binder
nicl(1)                  - NetInfo command line utility
nidomain(8)              - NetInfo domain utility
nidump(8)                - extract text or flat-file-format data from NetInfo
nifind(1)                - find a directory in the NetInfo hierarchy
nigrep(1)                - search for a regular expression in the NetInfo hierarchy
niload(8)                - load text or flat-file-format data into NetInfo
nireport(1)              - print tables from the NetInfo hierarchy
niutil(1)                - NetInfo utility