I quit the finder :/

tell application “Finder”
quit “finder”
end tell
i ran this script that i made to see wat it would do
…im running the apps IE, ICQ, MSN, script editor and soundjam
… no finder i cant click on the background,… i can use all the running apps fine… wat should i do?
oh wait
tell application “Finder”
open “finder”
end tell this worked…
but im still curios why and how did that work?

The Finder is an application; so, you can quit it, launch it and whatever… Some time ago I quit the Finder oftenly to make some complex operations requiring many RAM.

If you take a look at SB http://www.macscripter.net/, you’ll find some utilities whose work is quitting apps (eg, “Finder Master” is very useful for quit-launch Finder management).

Also, some time ago a guy called Richard23 wrote a clever app whose main goal was quit-relaunch the Finder and show some statistics about the process, such as recovered percent of RAM in your system…

There is a neat way to quit the finder by key-command (e.g. -Q): You need to manipulate the “Finder”-item in the “Systemfolder” with ResEdit. (Be sure to work on a copy of the original “Finder” until it works.)

Under MacOS 8.6 it is the fmn2-ressource with ID 522 (to add the command in the “File” pulldown-menu). At the very end of the hex-list you add 7175 6974 0000 0000 8104 5100 0451 7569 7400 (without the blanks). In the first line of the hex list you then have to increment the number of menu-commands from 13 to 14 (just overtype the 0013 w/ 0014).