i really need help with some scripts!

I really need help with some scripts and I don’t have time to write them. I Usually like to write my own scripts because I like the challenge but this time I can’t. I am about get to the airport to fly to California for a photo shoot to get images for a website and i really need 3 scripts.

  1. random name generator. my camera uses the date and the format is not very friendly. I just need it to generate names like the ones on 4chan. (yes i use 4chan but not in the way you are thinking of.)

  2. Find duplicate images and group them, in a sub folder or by name (perhaps adding same#_ as a prefix where “#” is the same for all identical pictures.

my plane leaves at 1:00 and i am leaving for the airport now. i would be willing to pay you for your services via paypal. i will check back when i get to the airport.

P.S. i will download any apple script plugins if necessary.

Browser: Safari 531.21.10
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)

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so i just got to the air port can any one help me?

Hi derekfrelow,

Where would the script be picking up the images from.
Never heard of 4chan, but when I looked the image names where just numbers.
Where are you expecting to find the dupes.

Basically you need to help us help you by giving a bit more detail on the workflow you use, and the one you want.
Starting with how/if you pull the images of the camera. Through to example of a name of a image file you have and what you want it to look like after. include all placement folders in the workflow.

basicly i want it to do the tasks i mentioned on any folder of my choice and ya random numbers are the best.