I search for a scripthelp for cti


i search for a script which copy the marked text to the clipboard and run the command curl http://cti:7204/cgi-bin/dial?to=+ clipboard contents without spaces?

Who could help me?

In what app are you highlighting text? And check out Jon’s Phone Tool. It’s cool.

I have a cti server named estos, he is able to initiate a call over an url + Number. I want to highlight a number in all applications and want then to dial via mouse-button or keyboard-command.

for example i´m surfing with safari and i want to make a phone call with a number from the website. Then i mark the number and push comand + shift + d and the script should copy the marked text into the clipboard (without spaces) and build the following url:

curl http://cti:7204/cgi-bin/dial?to=“clipboard content” enter


My english isn´t very good , but i thank you for your help and your intrest.

I´have jon phone tool. Coooool!

Thanks a lot - i think it willl make all i need. But what command is for dial in every application?