I thought Script editor could record in pather

I thought Script editor could record in pather

I thought that the Script Editor 2.0 that installed with panther was scripting the finder but mine is no longer

did i break something

Script Editor has always been able to record, even in earlier versions of the OS

What you’re missing is that recording requires support from the Application’s you’re targeting, and that’s what’s been missing. Very, very few applications support recording.

That number is growing, very slowly. The Finder, for example, is recordable under 10.3 but recording support in other apps is up to the respective developers and won’t just automatically happen just because Apple releases a system update.

I may not have made my question very clear but

I can’t record actions in the finder of 10.3 with script editor 2.0
but i used to be able to

what went wrong

I’ve heard that some things still can’t be recorded in Panther’s Finder.

– Rob

what can we record

cause i can’t record anything

moving a file
making an alias
copying a file


oh well guess i have to stick to the old way

It looks like recording the Finder is pretty limited. In Panther you can Record…

  1. Opening a folder – but not closing a folder
  2. Moving an opened folder – but not a closed folder
  3. Change views of an open folder to Icon, list, and column
  4. Renaming files and folders

I’m sure there are a few things I missed ;¬)

well we could only hope that apple will add functionality to its record feature until then I guess that will have to do

thanks again gregg