I want to Bounce in Mail

I want to make an AppleScript that will bounce an email to sender. I looked up the command in Mail’s dictionary but I don’t know how to use it. (I am new to AppleScript). The dictioary said the command was “bounce message.” What do I type for message?

I intend to run this script as part of a Junk rule to send spam back to the sender. I’d appreciate any help on this topic. Thanks.

The best advice I can offer is - don’t bother.

99.9% of spam comes from fake/forged addresses. All you’ll do by trying to bounce the message is add to the problem. Your ISPs mail server has to do twice the work (once for the mail coming in, once for your bounce going out) and there’s a 0.1% chance that it will actually go back to the sender of the spam. More than likely it will go to a null address or, failing that, go to a real mail box of someone who has nothing to do with the spam at all, just clogging up their mail box. And guess what happens if they decide to ‘bounce’ all those messages, too?

Do yourself a favor, just move along. Nothing to see here.


I was getting a lot of spam for a while and did nothing. They kept coming so finally started bouncing them. After a few days they stopped. I use Road Runner. For message you need to use the reference to the message. You also need to place your script in a Mail handler but I don’t know how that works in Panther.