I want to speak a password

I’m trying to write a script to allow me to speak an authorization and let that enter my password. I’m a bit new to applescripts, and I don’t know how to make it even enter text into a given field (besides text editors). Any help is much appreciated.

Where do you want to enter it. It matters, because the target has to be identified.

I want to be able to use it for system password prompts, such as changing user settings.

Short of writing voice recognition software that could translate to speech to text, I don’t think this is possible. Perhaps there’s a product out there already that does this–there are lots of handicapped users in the world, and there may be a solution in existence for them.

Whoa – though I’ve never used it, the Speech pane of System Preferences has a Speech Recognition tab that might be used for this purpose.

If you want to create a spoken command, you need to:

  1. Write a script that will function when your command is run
  2. Name the script what you want to speak to activate it (like saying “password” would run a script named “password”)
  3. Put the script in ~/Library/Speech/Speakable Items. (You can get to this quickly with the voice command “open speakable items folder”).

For the script, just have something that highlights the password field and then keystrokes your password.

I know how to add speech items; I want to know how to make the script that would enter my password when I say, “Password.” How do you make a script that writes into a system window?