I you had to recommend an apple script book

Just starting out writing apple scripts in apple studio can anyone recommend a good book/cd/PDF to read so that I can get a solid grounding in apple script / apple studio.

PS I’ve read the Building Applications With AppleScript Studio.PDF

Well, I strongly urge you to get a grasp on the AppleScript language before jumping into 'Studio. To do that, I recommend Danny Goodman’s “AppleScript Handbook”. It’s been around for a long time and doesn’t even consider OS X, however it is the most comprehensive guide to the language out there, to this day. Although it doesn’t cover OS X, everything in that book is still relavent and important to learning the language.


was just at barnes and noble yesterday and found out there is a new applescript in a nutshell coming in September (the first one did not get very good reviews). i have used applescript for applications with some success. other than that the examples with developer tools are a good reference.

good luck