iCal AppleScript Help ... Stuck

i need help! here’s the deal:

i work for a company that distributes weekly schedules in an ics file. a lot of the employees then share their calendars with each other in order to facilitate easy schedule swaps. the problem is, the ics file comes pre-built with the title "schedule for the week of … ", which makes it really tricky to determine who is who. in a non scripted world, the individual who can edit their calendar would then open each calendar day in iCal, change the title to ex: “Ben 1 - 9” … but i know that since the start and end time are embedded in the ICS, there has to be a way to automate this process.

an ideal script would:
ask the user to open their downloaded ics file
ask the user their name
extract the dates & event duration (i.e. start and end time) from the file
replace the description in the ics file so that it reflects the user submitted name and the duration of their shift
save the ics file with the changes embedded for easy ical import.

it’s gotta be doable, right?!

thanks for your help!


First of all, welcome to MacScripter.

Second of all, Code Exchange is for providing working solutions to share with others. The forum to ask OS X related questions is AppleScript | OS X

Third of all, your request is not trivial and it “smells” a bit to ask for free help but for commercial use.

No offense.