ical doesn't accept my script

First of all, I’m new with applescripts.

My problem is, that I have a script that should send data from filemaker to ical, but it doesn’t. Im getting the message “object not defined”, but in Filemaker there it is.

tell application “FileMaker Pro”

set eDate to current date
set calTitle to "privat"
set eTitle to cell "EventName"
set eDay to cell "BookedDay"
set eYear to  2007
set eTime to 20000
set eMonth to 1

end tell

Who can help?

Many thanks

Model: MacBook Pro
AppleScript: latest
Browser: Safari 419.3
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Hi Chris,

it would be helpful to have also the iCal part of your script

Sorry, is I told I’m new here.

tell application “iCal”

set day of eDate to eDay
set year of eDate to eYear
set time of eDate to eTime

set myEvent to make new event at the end of events of (item 1 of (calendars whose title is calTitle)) with properties {start date:eDate, end date:eDate + 60 * 60, status:confirmed, summary:eTitle}

end tell

Thank you


Hi Chris,

I don’t use FileMaker but I guess,
you need the contents of the cells instead of the cells themselves.
The iCal part works fine with an integer value of eDay and a string value of eTitle