iCal event at certian time?

I would like applescript to look through my day’s ical events and if it sees something scheduled say a Dentist appointment at 3PM to give an alert box that says “You have a Densist Appointment at 3PM”

I am very new to applescript but the forums and the very helpful people here have made the process of learning easy and fun. I appreciate any help or input. Thank you!

Why not just have iCal notify you of the events on its own?

Ive tried that, I want to do it through applescript so i can intergrate it within my other automated actions and it can announce it for upcoming events.

Can you expand on that Corbin?

iCal can run an AppleScript as an alarm. Could you not use a script as an alarm that would take the event’s info and pass it on to another script?

I think what he wants is for an applescript to collect all events of the day/week or specified and then post a message providing like a summary of all the events.

If it is done through applescript i can have it send me an email or text message to my phone that will list my days events. I can have iCal do it easily but it doesnt offer even close to the functionality that I need. I would just like iCal to use applescript to generate a list of the days events by order of time.

Another option is to use isync and sync up your calendar through that since it’ll be formatted and you can navigate through it easier then a text based ical script just a suggestion …

another option is


That last option will work, however not as elegant as the solution I have so far, it can only text message a cell phone and only 1 text message per event. I am not only sending to a cell phone. I would like to just generate a text list of the days events broken down by time

Today is March 21, 2006
it is Jeff’s Birthday, and Mary’s House Party
You have a Dentist Appointment at 3PM
You have a Dinner Appointment at 6PM at Sardies

something like that.

I thought he was looking for something else, as he already has a thread about that.

iCal Holiday or upcoming events using applescript

Oh didn’t realize he had two threads…:slight_smile:

I posted suggestions for both in the other thread.