iCal Mail Alarm: Missing Properties?

The properties listed in the dictionary for iCal mail alarms are 1) class:mail alarm (obviously), 2) trigger date, and 3) trigger interval.

Is there really no property like the email address to which you want to sent the mail alarm? In the drop-down list in iCal, you can only select which of your own accounts you want to mail it to…but event THIS isn’t a property! Is there a way to hack iCal’s mail alarms so that they have the property:account (i.e. user could select “home”, “work”, “other”, etc.).

I would rather not create a mail subroutine AND an event subroutine to trigger the mail subroutine every time I want to send a mail alarm…it seems that a mail alarm that’s just slightly more configurable than it is would be ideal.


couple of years ago i set up a script that sent the mail for me, triggered by an ical alarm, as a friend wanted me to email him the night before we had a class.

So you just used an open file alarm to launch a script that sent your friend an email via mail?