iCal new event repeat

Hi everyone, I am a very new convert to scripting and don’t rerally know what I am doing! (But I guess everyone was like that at one stage) I need in my job to repeat an iCal entry every 28 days and I was hoping that there is a way to script this. Can anyone help me please? But please keep it simple to understand for this very newbie. Thanks very much. :lol:
Andrew-Bede Allsop

This will work, but I don’t know how much sense it will make to you… :slight_smile:

Change “Work” to whatever is the name of your calendar and “Test Event” to the summary of the event.

tell application "iCal"
	set theCal to every calendar whose title is "Work"
	tell calendar theCal
		make new event at end of events with properties {recurrence:"FREQ=DAILY;INTERVAL=28", summary:"Test Event", start date:date "Tuesday, May 20, 2003 12:00:00 AM"}
	end tell
end tell

How should I modify this to make the event repeat annually?


Perfect. Thanks!