iCal problem

Hi folks. I am having a problem. I have been researching ways to send data from my DB to iCal. I do this because of pocketmac which syncs with my Blackberry. SO all of this is a backup of dat a which I already have in my primary database calendar. And it is all intended for just one caender named “Blackberry”. I build my database solutions using Panorama by Provue. I assume most of you wont be familiar with this app but my question will hopefully make sense anyway. One hopes…

I want to send event data to ical. That is easly done on my end. But as I get more adventerous I try to add an attendee to the new event and that is the problem. Please be aware that my code looks alittle odd because in Panroma, I can write an qpplescript directly within a procedure. My use of the curly braces in the Pan routine means I have to use curly braces as text items in the actual script, and it does work. THe first example is a case where it works perfectly, just to illustrate: The variables ( gvreminderholder and theStartDate hold my reminder date and my start date for the event)

{tell application “iCal”
tell calendar “Blackberry”
make new event at end with properties } + “{” + “summary:” + gvreminderholder + ", start date:date " + theStartDate + “}” + {
end tell
end tell}

The problem is that I can’t put in {display name:" + gvAttendee} in the above example or it won’t work. I found a search hit that showed the following example, but it isn’t working either. Granted I have played with it, assuming something that I should not have apparently. Can anyone please tell me how this is intended to work? The following example is what I have now and it does not work.

{tell application "iCal"

set theEvent to (make event at end of events of theCalendar “Blackberry” with properties } + “{” + “summary:” + gvreminderholder + ", start date:date " + theStartDate + “}” + {
tell theEvent to make new attendee at beginning of attendees with properties } + “{” + “display name:” + gvAttendee + {
show theEvent
end tell
end tell}

Much thanks.

I have never used Panorama and I have never really scripted iCal, but if that last example is verbatim, then it seems like it will produce AppleScript code with some syntax errors. It looks like there is an unclosed open parenthesis in the make event line and there seems to be no closing curly brace for the make new attendeee line.

Model: iBook G4 933
AppleScript: 1.10.7
Browser: Safari 3.0.4 (523.12)
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.4)

Yes, I appreciate your catch on the first point, the parens on the make line. But the second curly brace is intended. The Pan procedure flows the executable code within the curly braces. You can interrupt the code to insert variables or text fields, then you set a curly brace again to continue the AppleScript to it’s end. The final left facing curly brace at the end is the balance to the right facing one seemingly all alone.

Unfortunately, this still is not working. I wonder if anyone knows ical and AS and if they can comment if I had the syntax correct? Here is the example that I used, without my tampering.

set theEvent to (make event at end of events of theCalendarNumber with properties {start date:theStartDate, end date:theEndDate, summary:theSummary, description:theDescription, location:theLocation})
tell theEvent to make new attendee at beginning of attendees with properties {display name:theAttendees}