iCal Stumbles Sometimes Opening Automator Routines...


We have an Automator routine that does the following:

Compress a specific folder
Move the ZIP file offsite - replacing any previous copies

Specifically, at 1201 am we have Filemaker Server 11 backup all the databases into a folder in /Data/Backups called “Offsite”
We have an iCal event scheduled to run at 1230.
Its only action is to open an Automator app.
The Automator app compresses “Offsite” to the Desktop and then copies it to /Documents in iDisk - replacing existing.

This does not always work - it would seem iCal in Snow Leopard 10.6.7 has some issues with the procedure.

The Automator app runs flawlessly when double-clicked, so it seems that iCal doesn’t always execute it.

Anyone else seen this? Is there somewhere I can check the iCal log to see what went on?


Model: Mac Mini 10.6.7
Browser: Safari 533.21.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.6)