iChat Icon

How can I change my iChat buddy icon in iChat AV to an image on my desktop called image.tiff in an applescript?

Thanks for the help.


Is the new iChat scriptable? The current version isn’t. I don’t have the beta, but if you open the Script Editor and browse to iChat and it’s grayed out, then you’re out of luck with Applescript.

It is scriptable. I browsed the dictionary and found the application class with the property image, a tiff image of your buddy icon. I have the current script:

set i to choose file of type {“TIFF”}
tell application “iChat”
set image to i
end tell

But after I select my image, it gives me an execution error:
iChat got an error:



A quick perusal of the dictionary for iChat shows that the image property for the object account is read only [r/o].

Though, it isn’t read only on the application class. Neither is status message (which I tested and works).

so, what can one do here? I’d need that too…
thank you,