Icon display Controller in 10.3.6

The iconController workend fine in version 10.2.
I have upgraded to xcode 10.3.5 and am sorry to say that the inconController now is giving syntax errors on certain lines.
In 10.2 it used to give errors but then it wenty to ‘basic mode’ and the icon was displayed perfectly.
To make sure that no other code or bad connections caused the error I made an entire new project to test the code.
Jobu, If you are reading this, Could you perhaps point out what is wrong with this:

Thanks in advance,


Hey John.

The problem you’re having seems to stem from there being some funky characters in the text of the class file, somewhere. Cutting and pasting from the browser may have been the culprit, as certain characters in html are not the same in cocoa compiler-compatible text. It could be the return, the tabs, or the spaces in those lines. I don’t see the errors you’re getting in my version, and I’m running the same exact code, os, and probably xcode version.

It seems the general consensus is to clean up the code by manually replacing all the troublesome characters with new ones that you know are compatible. I’m not sure using bbedit is necessary, probably just using xcode and deleting all the above-mentioned characters in those three problem lines and replacing them manually will set you free. I found a bit of insight supporting this at this page at cocoadev…

Damn finicky compilers… :rolleyes:

Thanks Jobu.
I replaced all the invisible characters and now it works fine.