Icon for Cocoa-applescript application

I developed a Cocoa-Applescript application and would like to specify an icon for my application.
How do I specify a custom app icon in xcode? I have developed applescript applications and there I just had to replace the default ‘droplet.icns’ with my own custom icon named ‘droplet.icns’


with the application Icon Composer in /Developer/Applications/Utilities you can create a .icns file.
For Mac OS the standard size is 512 x 512 px

Add the file to your project.
In Xcode 3 highlight the target, press ⌘I, goto tab Properties
and write the name of the icon file (without extension) into the text field Icon File

in Xcode 4 drag the icon onto the App Icon field in tab Summary of the target


Are you also working with two versions of XCode?


Indeed, I need 3.2.5 for a project with still provides PowerPC support.

Thanks StefanK