Icons for apps in XCode

Hey, I am making an Applescript App in XCode. So far is has gone smooth except for the problem i posted here: http://bbs.applescript.net/viewtopic.php?pid=85602#p85602. I was just wondering how you get your app to have an icon. I know you can copy and paste over the orignal in the Get Info window, but i want to make it so whoever downloads the app gets the same icon. Thanks in advance

For a “real” icon you need a .icns resource in the resources folder of your app.
you can design a 128 x 128 pixel image in a graphic program and create an icon resource from the image with /Developer/Applications/Utilities/Icon Composer.app

In your Xcode project add the icon with Add > existing files, then
mark your target application, press cmd I, click the tab properties and type in the field Icon File the name of your icon (without .icns extension)

Try searching, and you may come up with answers to this same question that people spent the time posting years ago. You could also search google for something like “applescript studio app icon” and get some pretty useful information. Or, look around a bit and you’ll find tutorials, such as this one.

Even on a dialup connection you could search and find the answers for yourself quickly on a question like this one. Searching is your friend.

Thanks Stefan, I’ll try that out. Does anyone know how to do this if i already have an icon i got off of interfacelift.com?

With Icon Composer.app you can create an icon resource from any jpeg, tif or png image (and maybe some more)
If the icon you have is already an icon resource, you can add it directly