IDCS2 Export Selection as JPEG

I’ve been told that the “export selection as jpeg” function does not work in AS. I’m assuming this to be true because I’ve tried several variations of code and can’t get it to work. Has anyone found a work around, even a JS code that I can splice in would help.

Thanks for any info!

Hi Stacy,
you can export as a jpg from IDCS2 like this:

tell application "Adobe InDesign CS2"
	set the_container to (file path of document 1 as string)
	export document 1 format JPG to (the_container & "Test.jpg") without showing options
end tell


Have you found a way to export a selection as a JPEG?

no never exported just a selection. Are there any other options open to you? maybe copy the selection and paste into a new doc and then export that doc as jpeg?

Unfortunately no, at least none I can think of just yet. The end result I’m shooting for is to recreate the page onto a Powerpoint slide so our clients can be left with some edit-ability. I was hoping to be able to export page items as jpegs then insert them onto a powerpoint slide, this would involve InDesign docs that are 50+ pages.

I’m very much open to other ideas for this. I’m hoping to avoid the possibility of our designers having to recreate a book’s worth of InDesign pages into a Powerpoint doc.

Have you got a manual process for doing this now? are PDFs not an option for your clients? they can add comments to the file and return to you for any amendments.

Currently we offer Powerpoints that have the IDCS2 pages converted into PNGs and inserted onto each slide. We’re running into clients wanting more edit-ability and the option to create presentations on the fly using pieces from different projects. I’m exploring possible automation processes that could help with this, in an effort to keep designers from possibly recreating “for-print” IDCS2 files in Powerpoint.

Sounds like quite a difficult task! Rather than supplying PowerPoint files are PDFs not an option? You could create PDF’s that are High quality but set the security so that they couldn’t print them or create them so that the images inside the PDF where low res still allowing your clients to comment the PDF. Sorry if I’m missing the point!

Our clients are wanting full control over all of the graphics and text on the pages. So they can say take the top half of page 5, the bottom right of page 10, and paste them onto a new page under a new title. A lot of our product is developed in clustered info that can be dissected pretty easily. Problem is my designers work on Macs in IDCS2, the rest of the company are on PCs in the Microsoft suite.

Hmmm, that’s a tough one. I can’t think of any other way of doing this other than a manual process! Adding notes/comments to a PDF so that your designers can then make ammendments is the only thing that I can think of that’ll work across operating systems. Hopefully somebody here may have an idea that can help you!!

Well if the answer was obvious I wouldn’t have a job I guess. Thanks for all the help though!