IDCS3 mathtype import script

Hi, I used this script in IDCS2 but things have changed for CS3 in the find/search function.
In CS3 it gives an error at: «event K2 Find»
«event K2 Find» story given «class for »:fileName

I have to alter the find function, but where to begin? I can change small parts in a script but a complete new find function?

Here is the script:

 * This script is for automatically inserting EPS MathType equations that have been 
 * exported from Word, and adjusts the position for that equation to match the
 * baseline stored in the equation file. I have not included any error checking so 
 * a few things need to be assumed.
 * 1. The file names in the InDesign document are of the format <<.filename.>>
 * 2. The equation files are in EPS format, with or without a preview
 * 3. There are no other files in the same folder as the equation files

 * Note: If there is more than one reference to the same filename, each 
 * reference will be replaced with the same file.

 * I hacked this script together from bits and pieces of other scripts I found on 
 * the internet. If you see bits of your code in here, thank you for helping me 
 * learn a little more about Applescript.

-- get the source folder for the equations from the user and compile a list of the enclosed files
set the sourceFolder to choose folder with prompt "Select the directory containing the equations:"
set the fileList to list folder sourceFolder without invisibles

-- step through each file in the list, search for a matching name tag in the active document, and
-- replace with the file and move the baseline of the placed equation
repeat with i from 1 to the number of items in the fileList
	set currentItem to item i of the fileList
	set currentFilePath to ((sourceFolder as string) & currentItem)
	-- test if the filename is not a folder and then place it
	if (info for (currentFilePath as alias)) is not folder then
		set searchstring to "<<" & currentItem & ">>"
		place_file(searchstring, currentFilePath, get_baseline(currentFilePath as alias))
	end if
end repeat

display dialog "Finished placing files from the folder " & (sourceFolder as string) & "."

 * place_file():
 * Finds all references to the equation in the text, and replaces each reference 
 * with the placed graphic. It then moves the graphic down the distance 
 * equivalent to the baseline for that inline graphic.
on place_file(fileName, filePath, fileBaseline)
	tell application "Adobe InDesign CS3"
		-- test that a document is open
		if (count documents) > 0 then
			set myDocument to active document
			tell myDocument
				-- search for all references of the filename
				«event K2  Find» story given «class for »:fileName
				set hitz to the result
				set lapz to the number of items of hitz
				if lapz > 0 then
					-- repeat for each reference to the file
					repeat until lapz = 0
						select item lapz of hitz
						-- get a reference to the selected text
						set myInsertionPoint to item lapz of hitz
						set myRef to myInsertionPoint
						tell item 1 of myRef
							set myInsertion to index of first character
							set myInsertion2 to index of second character
							set myStory to parent of first character
							-- delete the string at the reference point
							set contents to ""
						end tell
						-- place the file at the insertion point
						tell (insertion point myInsertion of myStory)
							place filePath
						end tell
						-- select the inline graphic
						select text from insertion point myInsertion to insertion point myInsertion2 of myStory
						set graphicLocation to object reference of selection
						set myGraphic to item 1 of all graphics of item 1 of graphicLocation
						set mySelection to parent of myGraphic
						-- move the graphic equivalent to the baseline for that inline graphic
						move mySelection by {"0pt", fileBaseline}
						set lapz to (lapz - 1)
					end repeat
				end if
			end tell
		end if
	end tell
end place_file

 * get_baseline():
 * Reads in the data from the EPS equation file and extracts the baseline setting.
 * The baseline is returned as a point measurment value. i.e. "5pt".
on get_baseline(myFile)
	set matchText to "%%Baseline: "
	set theBaseline to ""
	-- read in the EPS file
	open for access myFile
	set fileLines to read myFile as string using delimiter {return}
	close access myFile
	-- find the line with the baseline
	set lapz to the number of items in fileLines
	repeat until (lapz = 0) or theBaseline begins with the matchText
		set theBaseline to item lapz of fileLines
		set lapz to (lapz - 1)
	end repeat
	-- extract the baseline number
	set theBaseline to characters -2 thru -1 of theBaseline as string
	-- return the baseline number 
	return theBaseline & "pt" as string
end get_baseline