idle, attributes and applications


how to bind an ‘on idle’ handler on a ‘if’ condition argument ?

find items in front window with label attribute using a spotlight commands ?

how to skip the default ‘choose application’ dialog when a specific app is missing ?


This is probably very late But. If I have understood you right you wanted to adjust the intervals at which the idle handler gets called.

” the idleinterval should initially be set in your run handler, as should happening!
on idle
	global happening, idleinterval
	set happening to happening - idleinterval
	if happening < 300 then
		set idleinterval to 60
		set idleinterval to 120
	end if
	return idleinterval
end idle

i don’t remember exactly what brought me to write this initial post-because i’ve no problem with none of the earlier questions. :rolleyes: