IE 5 PrintBrowserWindow command

I wrote a script in os9 which uses the command PrintBrowserWindow to printout a webpage automatically.

Tell appllicaiton “Internet Explorer”
End tell

In OS 9 it printed the window automatically with out a print dialog. In OS X a print dialog appears requiring a hands on click of the print button.

Does anyone know if this is a function of OS X applescript, Internet Explorer or the print driver for OS X and is there a known way around this?

A cursory test seems to suggest that this is a function of IE.
If I run the PrintBrowserWindow command from a script, the print dialog comes up, but Print Center doesn’t yet launch.

IE’s dictionary doesn’t show any parameters for the PrintBrowserWindow command, which is where you would find something like “without dialogs” as an optional parameter, if it existed.

Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but it would appear that IE’s X version just doesn’t to this as nicely as 9?

Does anyone have info to the contrary?

Seems you need an applescriptable keyboard-simulator to do the trick this time… :cry:

X-Commands works very nice’n quick! :wink:

Or try screen-shoting the web page: Snapz Pro is highly scriptable & the shell will do it too (if jaguar or higher):


do shell script "screencapture ~/Desktop/file.pdf"