If file X is not present then perform action on file Y

Hi guys
I posted this question in the AppleScript forum, but after reading more about Automator, I believe it is more appropriate for this forum. My apologies for double posting.

I use speed download to download to a specific folder on my mac. When speed download is downloading files, it adds the extension “.partial” to the filename, and then corrects the filename once the file is completly downloaded. I am currently using Hazel to help me unzip these files and move them to the correct folders. However, i only want Hazel to activate the unzip rule or any other rule ONLY when there are NO .partial files in my folder.

Can anyone suggest a script that perhaps, turns the files (no folders…as there are 2 subfolders in this directory) to green only when there are no partial files in the folder. And then that way, i can then have Hazel process these green files with specific rules.

Thanks alot