Ignore Popup windows ??

Morning everyone,

I’ve been searching through the forums to find what I expect will be a simple answer for the experts!

I’d like to ignore any popup windows which appear in my script when adding files to my Toast project.
In particular, I’m being asked to identify audio files locations when adding video files, and there aren’t any!

Would someone be able to help with either a pointer to another post or a script entry please?

Many thanks

Any help at all would be appreciated!


There’s no way applescript can automatically detect when toast puts up a popup window. Toast doesn’t have any way to notify applescript. You would have to know ahead of time when to expect a popup window and account for it in your code. If you knew there was a popup window you could use gui scripting techniques to press the cancel button of the popup window. Something like…

tell application “Toast” to activate
tell application “System Events” to tell process “Toast”
click button “Cancel” of window 1

Thanks Hank,

Makes perfect sense . . . . I’ll try to get around it another way for now!

Thanks for your help!