ignoring expansion - Applescript v2

I am a complete novice and working my way through a book learning Applescript.

I see in Applescript version 2 OS 10.6 that I cann’t use “ignoring expansion” for ligature character i.e (Å“ = oe )

How in version 2 applescript do you get the same results


Use “ignoring diacriticals”.

Hi Shane

Thanks for your reply.

“ignoring diacriticals” - does accent marks (such as ´, `, ˆ, ¨, and Ëœ)

while ignoring expansion pre v2 I, ligatures are taken to be equivalent to their component characters.
i.e with ignoring expansion Å“ is equal to oe

Did you try it?

ignoring diacriticals
	"Å“" = "oe" --> true
end ignoring

considering diacriticals
	"Å“" = "oe" --> false
end considering

Hi Shane

Thanks your method worked

I am now puzzled as when I use

ignoring diacriticals
log “boeuf” is in “bÅ“uf” → false
log “boeuf” = “bÅ“uf” → true
end ignoring

What is the different on using “=” and “is in”

The considering/ignoring statements are used for direct text comparisons; using “is in” is not a direct comparison. You can argue that it probably should work the same, but the fact is it doesn’t.

Hi Shane

Thanks for you