Ignoring "tell application"

I’ve got an awkward problem here:

I’ve written an application in AS Studio which, among many other things, allows the user to send an email with the option of using Mail.app or Eudora (the syntax is of course a little different for each of these apps). Since I have a procedure with 'tell “Eudora” ’ in it, the first time the option is used there is a request for the location of Eudora. So long as the user has a copy of Eudora installed, that’s fine. and the request isn’t repeated. But if the user has no copy of Eudora, this request is made every time the option is used.

I’ve tried making the tell application name variable, but then it won’t compile because the Eudora syntax isn’t recognised. I’ve also put in try/ end try statements, but that’s no help at the compilation stage.

How can I (perhaps by defining more user preferences) let the app know when Eudora isn’t installed, so that it doesn’t keep asking the user for the location?

Hope this is clear - any help/ideas would be appreciated.

Greetings from Scotland UK!

Hi mikehay

This thread could be of some assistance