I wanted to be able to just issue commands to my computer without opening up a terminal… this allows me to send shell or applescript commands if I only need to do one. The default command is open -a ‘X11’ as I was using X11 quite often when I wrote it… but you could use it to get statistics like (uptime, or ps) or to send commands like (kill, or killall… ^_^;)

OS version:

display dialog "Yes Master?" default answer "open -a 'X11'" buttons {"Shell", "Applescript", "Cancel"} default button "Shell"
get {the text returned, the button returned} of the result
set {the command, the mode} to the result
	if the mode is "Shell" then
		do shell script (command)
	else if the mode is "Applescript" then
		run script command
	else if the mode is "Cancel" then
		error "Unknown button pressed: " & mode
	end if
on error message
	display dialog message
end try
display dialog result