Illustrator Actions

I’m relatively new to apple script and scripting in Illustrator 10, but from the solutions posted, there are some real experts out there.

I have a problem when I try to call an Illustrator action from an apple script. Sometimes it tells me that run actions is not available. Sometimes it runs to the end of the script, but doesn’t execute the action. Sometimes it works just fine. I can’t find any cominality to when it will or will not work.

AppleScript Code:
do script “sfm1 curve” from “Steve”

AI10 Action Code:

Is there anything that I can watch out for to prevent these random errors?

I am not sure why actions sometimes don’t run as expected, but I have experienced similar problems as you describe. What I did to solve it was to avoid making actions that contain more than 1 command. In your example below, make 3 separate actions and call each one individually from the script. I have found that this seems to work more consistently than having the script call one action that contained several commands.

good luck