Illustrator CC 2014 merge colours?

Is there a way of merging spot colours in applescript?

I have a library of symbols that I use every day for various jobs but everyday I have to paste the symbol onto the artwork then go to the colour palette and select each spot colour (one at a time) and merge each one with the existing colours on the job.

Is there a way of speeding this up so that I can select the symbol I want then have applescript re-colour the spots to the required spots colours from the frontmost document.

Any help would be great. Thanks.

Hi. I have written a couple AI color merge scripts, which are searchable on the forum. Perhaps you can glean what you need from this:

Thanks Marc

I’ve been through your posts but can’t find a solution yet. I’ll keep looking.

Basically if I was to paste a logo with spot colours onto a document that already had spot colours present, the pasted colours would be added to the swatch palette.  I would then select the existing spots in the palette then also select the new (pasted) colour(s) and merge the new with the old using the "Merge Swatches" option in the drop down menu of the swatch palette. Thus removing the new spot in favour of the existing. And (hey presto!)  the logo is recoloured in favour of the existing palette.

I can fairly easily re-colour the new spot to match the existing but then there would still be two separate spot colours.

Its is very easily done within Illustrator but difficult to automate…

If anyone has any suggestions that would be great.

Hope this makes sense…



Just found this handy JSX which does pretty much what I am asking. It’s a bit raw and a few bugs but an excellent attempt at any rate. Link below.

I’ll try this out but would still like a AS solution.

Just delete the color you no longer want.

tell application "Adobe Illustrator"'s document 1
	set spot "blue"'s color to spot "pink"'s color --assumes exists
	delete swatch "blue"
end tell