Illustrator CS - placing items

I have a script that we use to place photoshop files in illustrator documents. Basically the script does some sizing work on the images in photoshop then saves the file as a flattened tif. Then we open a new illustrator file and place the newly sized tif in the illustrator file. When we were using Illustrator CS everything worked great. Now with CS2 a problem has started occuring. When the image is placed there is a clipping mask on it. This was not happening before. I know it’s nothing related to the image as placing it manually in illustrator does not result in the clipping mask. Here are the lines that are responsible for placing the file in illustrator.

if _calloutflag is "a" and ((count of documents) > 0) then
    set _count to count of placed items in current document
    if _count > 0 then
        repeat with r from (number of placed items in current document) to 1 by -1
            delete placed item r of document 1 
        end repeat
    end if
    set {_xcoord, _ycoord} to {0.0 as real, 0.0 as real}
    make new placed item in the last layer of document 1 with properties {file path:_placedimage as alias, position:{_xcoord, _ycoord}, width:placedImageWidth, height:placedImageHeight}

Hi Wiley

Done a few tests to try and re-create your problem.
And every thing seems to work how it should.
are you 100% sure the photoshop part of your script is not converting the images to an eps or something
this is the place script i used

set fileToPlace to choose file with prompt "Choose your file."
tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
	set thisdoc to current document
	set placeRef to make new placed item at current document with properties {file path:fileToPlace}
end tell

if you can post all your script!


pidge1 -

Thanks so much for your offer to help on this. I too get the result you did when using your script, everything is fine.

I can’t post the script on a public forum, but I would be willing to email it to you as I’m at the end of my wits trying to figure out what I’ve done wrong. If you are still willing to help let me know and I will email you the script as well as the necessary supporting documents (some preset templates for Illustrator)

Thanks much

Hi Wiley

Yeah email me if you want!
I’ll have a look, can’t guarantee i’ll sort it but will give it a good go.
Not sure if you can pick my email up from this forum but you should be able to send me yours
in private and i’ll email you back with mine…