Illustrator CS2 and CS3 exist, I need AS to use CS2

On each Mac in my department, Adobe Illustrator CS2 and CS3 exist simultaneously. It will be that way for a good while, and we need it to be that way to handle different clients and aspects of the job. The files that are created with my script need to be saved in PDF format using CS2. For other files, we will use CS3.

How do I force an AppleScript to use CS2 every single time? Whether CS2 is not open and CS3 is open or whether neither one is open.
As it turns out, if they are both open, the script uses CS2, presumably because the file was originally created in CS2 (I’m not sure if that is true, so if anyone can elaborate it would be greatly appreciated).

Unfortunately, it does not appear that you can even save a PDF “down” to CS2 settings either.

Any information on this messy subject would be so greatly appreciated.


Use the full path to the application.


set the_app to "G5:Applications:QuarkXPress"

tell application the_app
	--do stuff here
end tell