Illustrator CS4

Im trying to save some illustrator files as Illustrator EPS files,

save current document in file (destpath & thefilename & ".eps") as eps

But when I do this it is saving the full artboard size as the eps, however if I save the file manually in illustrator it is just the content bounds that are saved, I’m not sure what I need to change with the eps save options

If someone could help me with this, that’d be great


I’m not seeing the same thing. The artboards appear if you open the file in AI, but if you place it in InDesign, it recognises the content bounds.


I’m not exactly sure what your doing with the resulting eps file so can’t really replicate your issue, one thing i will point out though going by the line of code you’ve posted is that you don’t need to specify the file extension as the save function adds it for you. I know this hasn’t anything to do with your issue but thought it might help in general.

tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
		save current document as eps with options {class:EPS save options, compatibility:Illustrator 8, preview:color Macintosh, embed linked files:true, include document thumbnails:true, embed all fonts:true, CMYK PostScript:true, PostScript:level 2} without replacing
		close current document saving no
	end tell

Sorry i can’t help anymore.

Hi Guys,

I have tried the above script without adding the “.eps” extension and it still produces the same results.

I changed the “compatibility:Illustrator 14” and left the rest of the eps options as you had them.

I am placing the eps file into indesign CS4, I have these scripts which have always worked fine for CS2, however all imported eps files I have to fit to box, so fitting the artboard to box produces the wrong results.

I am using OS 10.4.11 on a G5,

Any other suggestions?


I don’t have your CS4 but with this version of the app you got multi-artboards that can be re-sized. I think what you need to do after this was introduced is resize your artboard to the artworks visual bounds before the save to EPS stage. (Only speculation from other posts I’ve seen). I don’t put EPS’s in ID either.

Hi Mark,

When i just manually save the file as an EPS with default options the bounds of the EPS file are correct, so I think there must be some sort of setting doing it via applescript which has the same effect, I was thinking I could resize the artboard to fit if I cannot find an alternative solution.


Looking into it a bit I believe that the ability to add multiple art boards is messing something up. There is a property save multiple artboards which should be off by default. I tried saving through Illustrator with it on and with it off. Saved with it on the import to ID is the art board size, with it off it is the bounds of the art. Declaring it both true and false with no noticeable difference, possibly a bug in CS4?

Silly question:

If you are exporting from Illustrator and placing into InDesign, why are you still using EPS? That’s “old school.” Just save the file as a native Illustrator file with the PDF preview turned-on. Alot less color, postscript, etc. problems when printing.

We abandoned EPS back in the CS2 days. Illustrator files (AI) are native, so are Photoshop (PSD). We only use EPS when providing files to Quark users, and that’s a real pain because transparency does not survive the EPS process very well, and we use it on nearly all our artwork these days.

for some reason, Adobe decided to change the artboard and properties, etc. which has messed converting AI files to eps using applescript. Having the same problem, I have found a solution. My solution actually causes Illustrator to create a file with an artboard as if the save eps option dialog box checkbox “Use Artboards” is selected.

When this applescript runs, it generates two eps files: one with an artboard sized bounding box larger than the graphic and one that is flush with the selection box of the graphic. So what I’ve done is simply to send the eps file with the “-01” attached to the end of the file name, to the trash. (Don’t specify a value for the ‘artboard range’ property as the script won’t work. I’ve left it out as you can see.)

My particular script references folder paths, etc. as I batch process a certain way.

I’ve noticed that if an Illustrator file has the .ai extension, my script doesn’t work. Don’t know why. Something to tweak in the future I suppose.

Hope this script helps.

Ciao Keith


tell application “Finder”
set eps_folder_path to “HD:Users:SOMEUSER:FOLDER1:FOLDER2:” as alias
set all_files to every file of folder “SOMEFOLDER” of folder “SOMEUSER” of startup disk --returns list of files in the SOMEFOLDER folder
repeat with source_file in all_files
set AIfile_name to the name of source_file
tell application “Adobe Illustrator”
open source_file
delay 1
save document AIfile_name in eps_folder_path as eps with options {class:EPS save options, save multiple artboards:true, compatibility:Illustrator 8, embed all fonts:true, preview:color Macintosh}
close document 1
end tell
delay 0.5
set name of file AIfile_name of eps_folder_path to AIfile_name & “.eps” – this line adds an eps extension to the file that is in the destination folder
set delete_file_name to AIfile_name & “-01” --this identifies the file created with the artboard
move document file AIfile_name of folder “SOMEFOLDER” of folder “SOMEUSER” of folder “Users” of startup disk to folder “SOMEFOLDER2” of folder “SOMEUSER” of folder “Users” of startup disk
move document file delete_file_name of folder “NEW EPS FOLDER” of folder “SOMEUSER” of folder “Users” of startup disk to the trash --this line sends the file with the artboard to the trash
end repeat
end tell