Illustrator 'MRAP' Error. PLEASE HELP!


Is anyone else getting this error?

“an Illustrator error occurred: 1346458189” (‘MRAP’)

We recently upgraded our Illustrator suite to CC2017 and ever since then all of our Applescripts that interact with Illustrator have these errors at seemingly random intervals. The operator can quit out of Illustrator and start it up again to get the applescript working a few more times before it errors again.

Please does anyone know what is causing this or does anyone know a fix as this is starting to be quite crippling as we relay heavily on the scripts I have written in the office.


in the webpage :

I found :

Solved one instance!!
I changed this:
set theArtboardRef to artboard 1
to this:
set theArtboardRef to a reference to artboard 1

but the page continue to claim : not solved

same thing at

At the end of : is an advice which may help (I don’t know your code)

In is an advice from Adobe Italy

Yvan KOENIG running Sierra 10.12.6 in French (VALLAURIS, France) vendredi 4 aout 2017 18:39:32

Thanks Yvan

Yes I have found these as well in my search for a solution.

No luck yet. Looks like for now I will have to keep quitting Illustrator every 10 minutes or so.

For a couple of the scripts this is OK as the time saved is worth it. But for others it is now quicker to do the steps manually than to run the script!


Would be a good idea to file a bug report to Apple and to Adobe.

Yvan KOENIG running Sierra 10.12.6 in French (VALLAURIS, France) lundi 7 aout 2017 10:46:37

Good idea. I will do that.


I have also been getting the MRAP error with Illustrator. It seems to be independent of the files themselves and more related to the repetition of the process on many files. For me it also seems to happen at random intervals and running the script through a script editor no longer works at all unless I restart Illustrator.

Some details about my script: it uses a bit of JavaScript to do Photoshop actions (pre recorded and logged with ScriptListener), as well as a bit of work in Illustrator which I was not able to do with AppleScript. There is a post here:
that talks about it with JavaScript and that it is related to repetition. One user suggests putting in a delay in between repetitions.