Illustrator multible "Save file as"

I’m make changes in a illustrator file by using a loop. After each loop I want
to “Save as” the file like this:

–Get the location of the orginal document
set theFile to (choose file with prompt “Select a illustrator doc”)

– Get a location for the exported files
set targetFolder to choose folder with prompt “Location for exported files”
set targetPath to targetFolder as string

– Open in illustrator
tell application “Illustrator CS”
open theFile
– make a reference from the theFile to documentName
tell application “Finder” to set documentName to name of theFile

repeat with teller from 1 to 5
	--Change an object in the illustrator file
	set the stroke width of page item1 of current ¬
	document to teller		
	--Save the file each loop
	save current document in file (targetPath & documentName¬
	 & teller) as pdf with options {class:PDF save options, ¬
	preserve editability:true}
end repeat

end tell

Somehow it can only save the first loop encountered. :frowning:
The strange thing is that if I do “export as jpeg” (or other bitmap
formats) there isn’t a problem.But (you guessed) I need the documents
in vector( So I can still edit them).

Some comments would be highly appreciated!