Illustrator query...

Hi there,
Is there anyone that can point me in the right direction with this Illustrator query?

I have a number of illustrations I want to open a re-save in Illustrator.
The artboard size for each illustration is 44x16mm and the illustration itself extends beyond the edges of the artboard.

Here’s my script so far:-

set theFiles to choose file with prompt "Select the files" of type {"eps"} with multiple selections allowed

tell application "Adobe Illustrator"
	repeat with theFile in theFiles
		open theFile without dialogs
		save current document in theFile as eps with options {embed all fonts:true, include document thumbnails:true, PostScript:level 2}
		close current document
	end repeat
end tell

If I run this script it works apart from one slight niggle.

When the re-saved graphics are imported into Quark the you only see the part of the illustration that falls within the artboard?
However if I open the illustration manually, and re-save it, the graphic is fine when i import it into Quark, you can see the part of the illustration that extends beyond the edges of the artboard? :confused:

I’m not sure what i should be setting to show the whole illustration, uncropped, in Quark.

Can anyone help please.



Nick, I don’t use Quark these days nor do I like *.eps but any reason why you don’t change the artboard size.

If you are opening older *.eps files then there are open options to handle artboard behaviour.

It may be that you have use artboard checked on when using the GUI.

I also don’t use Quark, InDesign all the way. But does Quark have “image import options”? Like InDd does? When you import a graphic you can set whether you show the artboard, the bleed bounds, the art box, trim box, etc (depending on file type).

Hi Guys,

Thanks for the help with this query, I’ll give the suggestions a try.
Couldn’t understand what the difference was between manually saving the documents and scripting the save, I was getting different results?

Thanks once again,