I'm getting "sleep" in AS Script Editor "Results" panel ??


Using an AppleScript to generate folder structure for client projects, and then on one of the folders generated, I’m attaching another script as a Folder Action.

Have it almost working, except on my line of code that is supposed to actually attach the Folder Action to the folder, I’m getting this in the Results panel in Script Editor:

sleep "Folder Action Scripts" of application "System Events"

Can anyone tell me what “sleep” means here in the results panel?

Can post code if needed, but thinking this is a more generic question.

Thank you,


Well. “Folder Action Scripts” is the name of the folder in your “Library” folder where the attached script should reside. ‘sleep’ is a parameter-less System Events command which puts the computer to sleep. You shouldn’t be seeing the two of them together, either in source code or in a result. I’d guess there’s either an error in your script or a corruption in your system.