I'm trying to create something like the good ol' chooser

Hi, everybody.

I’m trying to create something like the good ol’ chooser, because I have some trouble with panther and AppleTalk. Using the Network sidebar is not good enough. I have to click through the network everytime I’m searching a shared volume because it won’t be mounted to the desktop :?
Now I know that it’s possible to mound AppleTalk volumes via AppleScript by typing the AppleTalk-Name or the IP of the Server. But is there also a command to get all servers and shared disks of the local network so that I could write a AppleScript that lets me choose a server and his shared directory and then mounts this on the desktop? :?

That would save sooo much time at work… :rolleyes:

I know that this:

open location (choose URL) with error reporting

will get you the old-style Jaguar network browser…does that help as a starting point?